Northern Electric& Power Co.,Ltd will launch a new generation of micro inverter


Since its establishment , Northern Electric& Power Co.,Ltd has never stopped refining on to lead the pace of industry advanced level on the R&D of micro inverter, With the independent  research and development (POS) advanced MPPT control technology, the micro inverter 250W has got peak efficiency up to 96.3%, the average efficiency of 95%, increased by 15% - 30% than traditional inverter. It throughs the America ETL, Australia SAA, C-tick certification, European TUV, VDE0126, VDE4105, the UK version of the G83/2 certification, France, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, Czech, Norway, Holland, France, Spain, Greece and other 18 countries of the world America certification. California CEC efficiency is 95%.


Under support of its strong R & D team technology, based on the existing micro inverter technology, it developed a new generation of micro inverter products. Its features are as follows:

1) miniaturization

based on inverter existing products, Northern Electric& Power Co.,Ltd developed a more compact, higher conversion efficiency inverter. The product is very thin, designed for AC component.

2) modularity

The micro inverter and power component make up the power module (Figure 1),which module has a single power function, and, each module monomer combined can also the normal power generation if modules combine.  based on the advantages of modular power system, according to the actual situation of their home,  the user can group together each component of photovoltaic system arbitrarily arranged, or make the component separately placed in any position, rather than traditional photovoltaic systems, in which photovoltaic components must be placed closer together or position to get more power output.

3) Intelligence

The small module also has a complete communication function;each module can independently transmit the module operation parameters to the monitoring system or users’ mobile phone. Through the monitoring system, the user can real-time monitor the operation of each module and timely process of running modules problem. At the same time, monitoring system will store the running data of each module , by this, the users can analy through historical operating data statistics to understand the historical status of each module and find some difficult to find in the large-scale power system the influence factors system of generating capacity, and excluded in a timely manner, to ensure the realization of system capacity maximization.