The application of the NEP micro inverters in the solar farm project in FUGANG attracted much attention.



The application ofthe micro inverters in the solar farm project in FUGANG attracted much attention.The top companies from the area of safety, bracket on the water, water qualitycontrol cooperate in this project.


The solar projectbecomes the demonstration project for the solar farms in Japan. (The specificationsof the project: 300KW. All the power produced is for sale)


The safetycharacters of the micro inverters: Normally, the DC Voltage of the solar plantwill be 600-1000V or even higher which may cause electric shocks.

Micro invertersuse the 210V AC electric. And there is distributors in this system. The micro inverter willstop working when there is short current. So the danger of electric shocks is negligible.


The solar farmproject in FUGANG.


1.     Thelayout


The aerialphoto(1):


The aerialphoto(2):

The area of thesolar panels is about 3300 square meter.


2.     The design drawing:


The drawing of thesolar panels

 Solar panels:1140 pieces * 285KW/piece


AC wiringdiagram:

 No junction box is needed inthis system, which makes the system clear and simple.


3.     Thebrief introduction ofthe solar project:


The capacity:about300KW


The estimatedannual generation capacity:301,500KWH


Solar panel:                          ZNSHINE SOLAR      

Micro inverters:                       Northern Electric & Power Co., ltd      

Bracket:                              シエル テール製 

Water qualitycontrol:           アクアサービスによる水質管理(本社/福岡市)

Water proof:                        赤外線センサー設置(福岡県)

weed management:              事業主アフターサービス部⾨(O&M部⾨)