NEP has obtained qualification of TROV-2 and full FVRT


BDM-300 Micro Inverter(300W)

7th November, 2015, Northern Electric&Power Co., Ltd was informed that BDM-300 Micro Inverter has obtained thequalification of TROV-2 and full FVRT.

BDM-300 Micro Inverter can be installed with PV Panels of250W or 300w or both. PV systems of NEP are easy to install, with each inverterfixed on the rack under the panel. BDM-300 comes with two cable options:conventional trunk cable and daisy chain, which is more convenient to beinstalled and connected to the grid. All information concerning inverters willbe sent to NEPVIEWER, a NEP web portal, by the use of BDG-256, an intelligentcommunication gateway. From the web portal, professionals can remotely monitorsystem performance and detect unusual events. When necessary, the BDG-256 canstop the operation of the PV system. Besides, BDM-300 can be connected eitherto single-phase grid or three-phase grid.

NEP says obtaining this qualification means they have metTROV-2 and full FVRT. Due to the high permeability of the PV systems on theseislands, Hawaii has become one of the most popular areas in the field of solarenergy, and recently has drawn some attention from energy storage field. Insome areas of Hawaii, more than 10% of the households have installed PV systemson the house roof. Hawaii is now devoted to expand the renewable energyproportion to 65% and promises to cut the energy bill by 20%, which means PVintegration will become reality in the near future. Obtaining TROV-2 and fullFVRT will facilitate the promotion of NEP products in the Hawaii market andbecome a remarkable step for NEP to initiate a new prospect in the globalmarket.