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Company Profile

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Northern Electric Power Technology Inc.

Who is NEP?

 Established in the United States by a California-based executive team, our company boasts a decade-long track record of pioneering advanced solar power conversion solutions. We have successfully delivered cutting-edge microinverter and rapid shutdown MLPE products to customers across more than 35 countries. 

NEP is legally structured as a Benefit Corporation in the USA, dedicated to enhancing both human and shareholder value. 


We constantly renew ourselves to bring you the highest quality North American and Japanese technology. Our power resides within our cutting edge research hub/center.


We have the UL1741, certification, issued by Underwriters Laboratories; the most important for system interconnection tests in the USA.


NEP is a solid brand which offers a competitive price and the best quality. Our international technology and functional design guarantees the highest satisfaction.

Our history

NEP began with a focus on microinverters in 2012, and more recently added rapid shutdown solutions.

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2010: Company founded in USA

2011: Launch of microinverters on the market

2013: Northern Electric & Power Inc founded in Japan.

2015: Northern Electric & Power Inc. acquires Japanese certification, the only microinverter for sale in Japan.

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Rapid Shutdown Device achieves UL certification.

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Northern Electric Power Inc. focuses on the research design and application of MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics).

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NEP reformulated as a Benefit Corporation in America

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400Wac microinverter platform shipped (up to 600Wdc PV modules)

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Equity investments in NEP fuel R&D and Sales growth

Why choose NEP?

NEP's primary focus lies in prioritizing simplicity, expediency, cost efficiency, and minimized labor requirements for our partners. Our advanced Microinverters yield higher AC power output, while our Rapid Shutdown Devices facilitate streamlined commissioning processes and significant savings on service expenditures. These attributes represent the long-awaited advancements sought by the solar industry. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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Our mission is to develop cutting-edge clean energy technology and provide next-generation solar inverters.


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