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Floating Solar Farm in Fukuoka, Japan - NEP – Northern Electric Power

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Floating Solar Farm in Fukuoka, Japan

September 5, 2020

A floating solar farm was built in Fukuoka, Japan, the microinverters selected for this work were the ‘NEP’, these devices will convert the direct current (DC) energy of the photovoltaic modules to alternating current (AC) energy, to be delivered to the power grid in Fukuoka, Japan. The floating solar system is 301 kW and uses only microinverters, due to the large capacity of the floating solar farm, this project attracted the attention of all Japan.

The NEP Microinverter has a high NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) rating, NEMA-6 / IP-66 / IP-67 enclosure rating, and a very high reliability record in the residential and commercial markets in Japan.

These advantages make the NEP microinverter a perfect candidate for the application of floating solar parks in ponds or reservoirs, in addition to this project, they have another 16 projects in the process of floating applications.

There are multiple benefits of using floating solar parks with NEP microinverters in water tanks or ponds, in addition you will save space on land and water by avoiding evaporation, you also obtain greater efficiency because the panel is naturally cooled when being close to is.

The highest direct current voltage in the microinverter system is less than 60 Vdc, this makes the NEP microinverter the safest and most suitable for commercial and residential roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, avoiding the use of high-voltage strings in the system.

NEP microconverters are designed by the Japanese company Northern Electric & Power Inc. (NEP), UL-1741 certified, have advanced technology and high performance.

Source: SYSCOM

Complete article: https://bit.ly/2ElQiWB

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