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NEP “Macro-inverter” Introduction – The First Microinverter for Next Generation - NEP – Northern Electric Power

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NEP “Macro-inverter” Introduction – The First Microinverter for Next Generation

December 22, 2020

High Power 500-750 Watt Solar PV Panels


The world’s first 500 Watt (ac) microinverter optimized to operate with new 500W+ PV panels in 2021


San Jose, California, December 22, 2020 (GLOBAL NEWS) – Silicon Valley based NEP announced today the high power “Macro-inverter” for the global solar industry. Coined as a new microinverter category, “macro” reflects the break-through power capacity of over 500Wac in a single PV-panel inverter. Previously, the industry maximum has been approximately 300Wac per module.


As industry leading PV panel makers introduce new panels leaping to well over 500W (dc), the solar industry requires inverter technology innovators to keep up. Such panels, originally optimized for utility applications are also expected to be used in commercial and residential applications – creative designers are finding new ways to use these advanced panels. “The Macro-inverter is a convenient and cost effective building block to pair with these advanced PV panels. We anticipate creative uses of these products on new commercial and residential applications”, says Ed Heacox, CEO of NEP.


NEP’s 500Wac Macro-inverter Image

High “ac” power capacity to keep up with increasing PV panel Wattage has been a challenge for the industry. “The industry norm has been to tolerate clipping energy harvest with inverters that do not have the capacity to keep up with panel energy generation. At NEP we are innovating to reduce this waste by driving power performance to keep up”, says Jing Wang, Co-Founder of NEP.


The Macro-inverter is available to order from NEP and leading distributors globally. Production shipments began this month. Pricing in the USA is approximately $159-169 per unit depending on volume. MC4 DC connectors are standard and NEP will offer other brand options to support NEC 2020 compliance (for example, Trina TS4 connectors will be available as one option). Warranty options range from 10-25 years.

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