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Does your Rapid Shutdown Supplier make you feel Old? - NEP – Northern Electric Power

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Does your Rapid Shutdown Supplier make you feel Old?

March 18, 2024

Some RSD suppliers provide low-cost PV ‘switches’ for NEC code compliance, but NEP has focused on overall project value, more than the mere code minimum.
We have heard loose descriptions of the leanest competitor RSD products as ‘dumb and blind‘.
NEP RSD devices, called “PV Guard”, PVG-2 and PVG-3, are smart and not blind in the following ways;
  1. Inherent two-way data flow to/from the RSD devices in the array with the centralized transmitter and gateway
  2. Module level performance data provides minute to minute precise and granular functional data; not blind.
  3. The two-way data handshake confirms the right devices are activated; no “crosstalk” = smarter
  4. RSD level temperature data is measured as a proxy for PV temperature – smart measuring and reporting for trend analysis.
  5. Automatic RSD activation if temperatures exceed a specified maximum; smarter and safer.
  6. 3 panel, PVG-3 for better economics (smarter again!)
  7. Metal, not plastic, enclosures for 20Amp devices… safer, smarter

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