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NEP steps in... to help save TenK solar system owners - NEP – Northern Electric Power

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NEP steps in… to help save TenK solar system owners

March 1, 2024

Partnering with GlobalRAIS, NEP is providing modern high power microinverters for new implementations of this technology… We also provide products for retrofit service of the installed TenK systems.  GlobalRAIS is our exclusive partner for these solutions.
Why would NEP develop such a niche product?  The reason; owners of TenK systems are struggling with very high failure rates of the original microinverters provided by two other companies. No alternative exists and owners are suffering huge losses in energy harvest productivity.
NEP stepped in because our BDM-800 platform is an ideal model to tune for TenK installations and new deployments by Global RAIS. NEP wants to be identified as an innovator and a problem solver – NEP to the rescue.
If you are an owner, or O&M provider for these applications, contact Global RAIS.  They have the solution to get your ROI back on track!

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