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April 9, 2024

Companies counting on NEP Rapid Shutdown solutions.

Only the best, safest products can go on these rooftops and for rapid shutdown applications, no one has a better solution than NEP. Our two-way data and RSD control provides accurate, cross-talk-free rapid shutdown performance and PV level data for the world’s most granular performance data and RSD confidence. The NEP data monitoring helps installers ensure correct function day-one and owners use the visibility for site performance and service management.

Why would these companies trust NEP? After extensive reviews of NEP technology, the key advantage of NEP is the PV data visibility to ensure the sites are installed and thereafter operating correctly.

When companies first contact NEP, what is their motivation? Problems with other providers of RSD components is the #1 reason customers move to NEP.  Cross-talk and thermal events have affected makers of rapid shutdown products; NEP technology is protecting owners from these issues… but how?

Cross-Talk avoidance; NEP’s unique two-way data flow enables confirmation that the transmitter/controller is activating the right RSD devices in the array… NEP technology confirms a hand-shake between RSD devices paired with the controller.

Thermal events are virtually eliminated by improved thermal management of the RSD devices including a metal thermal heat spreader and shield within the RSD’s. And, now, NEP is shipping 20 Amp, RSD devices in metal enclosures for better heat dissipation and fails safe robustness.

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