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What does Leap Year mean to NEP?

February 29, 2024

Did you know that today is leap year day?  February 29th only comes around every 4 years…
For NEP, Leap Year reminds us of the challenge we face, over taking the solar industry module level power electronics incumbents.
How does NEP overcome the duopoly power of Enphase and Solaredge in the USA residential market? They control 90% of the USA market.  What is the little guy to do???
NEP must leap over the incumbents. Every element of our customer experience must be better than the market leaders and other ‘frogs’. What are the elements of strength we assert to leap into leadership position for NEP and our customers?
  1. Best economical value to installers – the best, all in cost per Watt dc; microinverters and rapid shutdown devices
  1. Answer phone by human 90% +
  1. Less labor via Dual microinverters
  1. Total RSD solution; inverters, rapid shutdown, panel level data; all from one company, one warranty
  1. Safer, all metal enclosure, 20Amp rapid shutdown devices
  1. Innovative, better economy of scale and less labor; 3 module rapid shutdown devices
  1. Commitment to channel partners – enabling their success for installer success
The challengers can only succeed by being better than incumbents… good, or similar, is NOT good enough. NEP will win by being better, by ‘leaping’ over the competitive standard.  Come join us in the challenge!
Happy Leap Year Day!

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